Two Steps Checkout


It is another One-page checkout, but it has two steps : Shipping and Delivery Information and Payment and Review.



Installation Guide

Compatible with : 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9.x

How it works

The two steps checkout extension can help you to make checkout process simple and easy to understand. It reduces 6 steps by default to 2 specific steps : Shipping-Delivery and Payment and Review.

At the first step, customers can do a checkout as the guest or just enter a password to register a new account. It reduces abandoned carts and can encourage them to register a new account. After they enter the shipping address and choose a delivery method, they can go to Payment And Review step. On the second step, they can focus to what payment they will choose to complete a purchase. The billing address is same to the shipping address by default, but they can change the billing address if necessary.

We have a progress bar at the top to let customers know where they are. Furthermore, the customer can easily switch between two steps while the customer is completing a checkout process.

All overview information about the order is available at the right and is being updated while customers take any action.

First Step

Checkout type, Shipping address and Shipping method

  • The customer can choose to do a checkout as guest or registered. And she/he can easily login via model dialog login form
  • Automatically reloading shipping method when to change shipping address location
  • Automatically updating review information after changing shipping method

Second Step

Billing - Payment and Place Order

  • Automatically reloading payment when to change billing address location
  • Automatically updating review information after changing payment method
  • Can apply Coupon on checkout page
  • Terms and Conditions pop-up page

Address Suggestion

The address is automatically suggested while customers type their address. So they can enter address easily and fast. You know people hate to fill a form.
Onestepcheckout overiview
  • 6-Months Free Support

  • 30-Days Money Back

  • Free Lifetime Update


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Two Steps Checkout

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