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To make and print picking lists easily, to increase warehouse efficiency.



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Are you looking for a solution to help you easily print a picking list (either order-combined or order-separated) for picking up goods from your warehouse? And you want to print packing sheet to prepare your order packages before sending it to your delivery agent. The extension will small one was made to support you solve such demands.

The extension will save your time to pick and pack goods once you receiving orders. You can generate a Picking-List that contains multiple orders, then send it to your warehouse by email. You can manage your picking-lists such as to cancel a pick-list; to mark a pick-list to be picked. We have also a feature that shows all orders are picked in one place. So you would easily manage orders which are available for packing.

Some highlight features:

  • To Create pick-list for multiple orders ( Not depend on order statuses)
  • To print Order-combined Picking List PDF
  • To print Order-separated Picking List PDF
  • To print Packing Sheet/Packing Slip
  • To configure your PDF template
  • Support Barcode

Here are some PDF examples:

Order-combined Picking List

Order-combined Picking List

Order-separated Picking List

Order Packing Sheet:


 Once you purchase our extension, you will have 3-months free support from us to fix bugs and customize Picking List and Packing Sheet PDF to match your requirements.



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Picking List and Packing Sheet

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